Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sensual, Sexual Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope

Fifteen years ago Janet Jackson released an album which I think shocked everyone including me.
I don't think most people knew that she could be so openly sexual or sensual.  Don't get me wrong, she is a very beautiful woman and does have sex appeal but who would have thought she would unleash it all (or at least as much as she wanted to share) on her album - The Velvet Rope.

This is my favorite album by Janet to date. Her work before and after this is also good, but I usually only have a few songs on each of those records that I like. This one however, for some reason, I love all the songs.
From a production stand point Jam, Lewis & Jackson really did a great job (in my opinion of course).
The album has 22 tracks, seven of which are interludes. So that's 15 songs which in pure Jackson fashion has a great mixture of dance tunes, ballads and songs that make you say "what the!!??...let me hear that again"

I favor the title track more than any other but at the same time, thinking about it, I'm gonna start saying all the songs are my favorite LOL....
Anyhow, check out the videos.  THE VELVET ROPE is another album I think you should definitely check out (IMO).
Nuff Love to Ms Jackson I hope to do some work with her soon :-) 

The Velvet Rope on iTunes

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