Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jazzy, Soulful, Overdosed Addict - Amy Winehouse: Back To Black

Don't misunderstand or take the title of this blog out of context, just stating the facts. I love Amy Winehouse's music, her voice & delivery is one of a kind. This makes me wonder what drives these fairly young artists to become addicts and end their promising lives/careers before reaching thirty years old - Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and the list goes on. Check out this link - 27 Club

Anyhow back to my "Jazzy Addict". Amy has two albums that I know of, "Frank" & "Back To Black".  The latter is of course my favorite of the two.

I wasn't fond of the single "Rehab" but I got more interested in the album after doing a gig with an artist who played a cover of "Just Friends" (Track 4). When I heard that song and asked who sang it, I think I bought the album within a few days after that.
I had no idea of the style and versatility Amy Winehouse had on her record. I love how the entire record was produced as well. They went for a kind of old sound, yet, still contemporary.
The version of the album I got on iTunes has 12 tracks. Two of which are remixes of songs on the album (Rehab & You Know I'm No Good). So in essence there are ten songs on the album but I read that on the UK release there was another song - "Addicted". This was included as a bonus track in other regions .....must be after I bought it because I'm not familiar with that song. 
My favorite songs on "Back To Black" are "Just Friends", "Love Is A Losing Game" & "Me & Mr Jones". I must warn you though, expect some profanity (specifically on "Me & Mr Jones").

All in all this is a great album to check out, I love it and hope you'll find some great songs here that you'll like also. Check it out on iTunes  - BACK TO BLACK

And just as a treat my fav "Just Friends"

And a duet with Tony Bennett - "Body & Soul"

 Thanks, Have A Great Day!

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  1. Amy has/had such a soulful and unique sound (in my opinion) Love her music and am sad she left this earth too soon. Can't comment on "technical" stuff ......leave all that to you professionals ......just know what I like. :-)