Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Muslims & Catholic Come Together In Hip-Hop: OUTLANDISH - "Closer Than Veins"

Browsing the racks of an apparel store in Dubai a few years ago I heard a song over the  PA that caught my attention so I inquired who it was and guy that worked in the store was able to tell me - OUTLANDISH. I looked them up online as I returned to the hotel and bought the album "Closer Than Veins". 

I had no knowledge of the groups background and being the way I am (usually I don't necessarily pay close attention to lyrical content), I didn't realize until about a year or so later that some of the songs, if not most of them had religious or spiritual foundations. This could be why this album resonated with me on a deeper level right away without me even realizing it.

The group consists of three members and is based in Denmark. Though from separate backgrounds (Moroccan - born in Denmark, Pakistani - born in Denmark & Cuban - born in Honduras) they seem to have found a formula that works. They classify the group as Hip-Hop, though I wouldn't agree, but I guess that's the "box" they'd fit in if they were to be put in one. What would I classify the group as, what box I'd put them in? None, because they actually fuse genres and cultures. I'd just say its GREAT MUSIC, but our industry has these "boxes" so Hip-Hop it is.

The album has 17 tracks some of which they show their bilingual ability. My favorite is still the first song that caught my ears in the store "Callin' U" even though there are a lot of other great songs like Track 2 -"Any Given Time", Track 3 -"Look Into My Eyes" & Track 8 - "Words Stuck To Heart".

What I like about this album is the difference in production as compared to the typical Western "pop, R&B, Hip-Hop" sound. They "hear" things differently in Europe, so they write, compose and produce music differently. It's not only about getting that "commercial" sound, and even if there's that "commercial" sound, there will be something of depth, something organic about the way it's produced and put together. And as I mentioned, you'd probably not realize the spiritual foundations right away in the lyrics.
So, another great album to check out in my opinion - OUTLANDISH - "Closer Than Veins"

Here's the song which caught my attention "Callin' U"

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  1. Sure I have heard this before, somewhere, or maybe it just reminds me of another song ......either way, thank you for sharing :-)