Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jazz Artist Gets Nominated for 2012 Reggae Grammy: Monty Alexander - Stir It Up, The Music Of Bob Marley

The title of this blog is somewhat misleading because Jazz Pianist Monty Alexander was actually nominated this year for an album called "Harlem-Kingston Express" and not "Stir It Up"(released in 1999). But this nomination would probably not have been possible without the initial concept he presented on the album "Stir It Up - The Music Of Bob Marley"

Monty's history dates back to the early 60s where he performed with Jazz greats such as Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Brown, Frank Sinatra, Milt Jackson & many more from that era. But being Jamaican, the music of our country runs deep in his veins and though an accomplished jazz pianist he has never turned his back on his own culture. This makes his playing and repertoire very unique.

He took a chance and experimented on an album where he covered some songs from the Legendary Bob Marley, fusing the genres of Jazz & Reggae to perfection in my book - he set up his jazz trio along with a four piece reggae band in the studio and hit the record button. Intertwining, alternating, fusing and just having plain fun. That's how it feels when I perform with him. Yes I've had the opportunity and it's awesome.

"Stir It Up - The Music Of Bob Marley" features thirteen songs a few of which are Monty Alexander originals. Marley classics include "No Woman No Cry", "Could You Be Loved", "Is This Love" & my favorite on the album "I Shot The Sheriff".

If you are an open-minded listener of music and you can appreciate great musicianship or just looking for something fresh and different, this is an album you should definitely check out.

Here's a video of him performing with an extended version of the ensemble

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  1. Conjures up all kinds of "nice" places in my head when I listen to this ......thanks again for sharing :-)