Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Dream Project: Emotion & Commotion - Jeff Beck

Every artist has an ideal project/album envisioned for themselves, an album that defines their work, an album that puts them in the history books. Jeff Beck has already been written in our history as a master guitarist, so this is the kind of project I would love to do which I think would define my own career - EMOTION & COMMOTION

First of all, if you know Jeff Beck you'll know he's not the traditional style kind of guitarist, and the emotion he creates is just awe-inspiring. Coming from a background with The Yardbirds like Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page, Beck is indeed another guitar legend from the UK.
Emotion & Commotion has 11 tracks with a mixture of originals and covers. My overall favorite on this album is the cover of "Over The Rainbow",  I was dumbfounded because I felt every emotion he expressed on his guitar and that's really a rare event for me. Two songs from the album won Grammy awards in 2011 "Nessun Dorma"(track 8) - 'Best Pop Instrumental Performance' and "Hammerhead" (track 2) - 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance'.  Guest artists appearing include Joss Stone & Olivia Safe.
This is a great album to listen, from orchestral sounds to rock, it is indeed "EMOTION & COMMOTION".

Here's Jeff performing "Over The Rainbow"

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