Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Only True Genius In Show Business: Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company

I've come to realize that in this world greatness is often overlooked until the ones deserving of those praises have passed away. I've seen it happen to artists all the time, never getting the true recognition and being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor in the realm of the living.
Though Ray Charles had a successful career and was a celebrated artist, I, myself wasn't aware of his true greatness nor was I even fully exposed to his music until his passing in June 2004, then I bought his album that was released shortly after - "Genius Loves Company".

I'm sure most of us saw the movie "Ray" which showed us bits and pieces of the life of this great artist and being the man he was, no wonder all the artists who collaborated with him on this project gave their time, energy and shared each of their wonderful talent on this album with Ray Charles.
"Genius Loves Company" features Norah Jones, Willie Nelson, Natalie Cole, Elton John, B.B. King and a host of other artists who are also great artists in their own right.
Twelve songs produced and arranged perfectly, consisting of R&B, Pop, Country & Blues standards that went on to winning a total of eight Grammy Awards including 'Album of the year' and 'Record of the year' at the 2005 Ceremony. I totally love this album in it's entirety but my only disappointment was that there were no original songs from Charles in the collection.  My favorite song on this album is track 4 (Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word) which features Elton John. Maybe it's the guitar solo,  maybe it just touches something deep inside me, I really don't know.  But this album takes you on a wonderful journey in different genres and the contrast between the guest artists and Ray Charles' vocals just makes this record delightfully intriguing. "Genius Loves Company" is an album you should definitely check out in my opinion.

Here's a behind the scenes look into this album

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