Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Definitive, Timeless, Classic - John Mayer's "Continuum"

I've been a fan of John Mayer since "Room For Squares" in 2001, then came "Heavier Things" in 2003. All this time I was unaware that he played all those lead guitar parts on his records (yeah, I don't read liner notes/credits much).

In 2006 he released "Continuum", this is when I realized the kind of guitar player & song writer John Mayer really is.

Twelve songs excellently written and produced, embellished with guitar licks that would put him in the league of Hendrix, Clapton, Vaughan & any other legendary blues artist you can think of.
My fav song on this album would be track 4 "Gravity", then a close runner up would be the last track "I'm Gonna Find Another You".
I'd recommend this album to any serious collector of music who favors good songwriting & excellent musicianship.  "Continuum" is a definite album for you to check out in my opinion.

Here's a performance of the single "Gravity"

Have a great day!

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  1. Am ashamed to say that I don't know this guy's work, but having listened to this track, sure "get" why you admire his talent.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Chris :-)