Thursday, October 18, 2012

Regge Crosses The Atlantic plants Seeed & Presents DELLE'S "Before I Grow Old"

This week's album comes from clear across the Atlantic, an unlikely place one would find a Reggae album. But this genre can now be heard all across the globe in cultures you'd least expect.

"Before I Grow Old" is an album by Delle, formerly from the group Seeed - a German Reggae/Dancehall band from Berlin founded in 1998.

The album was introduced to me by a fellow musician and I immediately favored the production and choice of songs.  Eighteen tracks, four of which are alternate mixes of other songs on the album, all of which I think keeps you interested in what's coming next.

To hear a foreigner reproduce Reggae and take the production to the highest level in my opinion is really commendable. Mind you, its a mixture of Reggae and pop somewhat, so don't expect to hear an album similar to Bob Marley's "Legend".

I checked online,  and though you may not find it on iTunes or Amazon its available at

This blog is in no way a review of this or any other album I may post. Its just my way of sharing with you some of the music enjoy listening to.

Thanks, have a great day!

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