Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smokin' At The Half Note - Wes Montgomery

As a musician I try to listen a wide variety of music. I was always encouraged at an early age by my father to do so and thus I have developed an appreciation for a wide variety of music genres.  Being a guitarist I often seek and find inspiration in listening to other guitar players, especially those that came long before my time, those who are innovators and who stand out "above" the rest (in my opinion at least).  Wes Montgomery is one such guitarist, and some years ago while trying to find something "new" to inspire me I found "Smokin' At The Half Note".

I was, and still am truly inspired whenever I listen to this album.  Recorded in 1965 at The Half Note Club in New York as well as at Van Gelder Studios in New Jersey, Wes Montgomery is accompanied by Miles Davis' rhythm section ('59-'63) - Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers & Jimmy Cobb.

"Smokin' At The Half Note" has eleven tracks of straight ahead Jazz and a few Jazz ballads - "Misty" & "Portrait Of Jennie". My faves would be "Four On Six", "No Blues", "Misty" and "Unit 7". 

I'm not a Jazz guitarist and at present have no intention of becoming one but hearing a great musician play always gives me a good feeling, no matter the genre. So if you are into Jazz and are a collector of a wide variety, this is a great album to check out and a must have.

Here he is performing "Impressions" in Belgium 1965

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