Thursday, April 11, 2013

Electrifying Grooves Of DiVersion - Robert Dubwise

After this album's initial release in 2010 it was withdrawn from all online stores due to an unforeseen issue. Now slated for release again this month with two tracks that weren't previously released, check out "Electrifying Grooves Of DiVersion" - Robert Dubwise

As you all know I am Robert Dubwise,  so I thought it best to hear what others had to say about this album instead of going at it myself.

"As a radio host I love the vibrant and expressive sounds that come from this body of work. Taking me back to the authentic bedtracking used to deliver the news and special broadcasts on radio during primetime hours.
Eclectic, Evolving and Enticing are a few simple words to describe 'Electrifying Grooves Of DiVersion' "
- Carrie Mullings (Host of Rebel Vibez On CHRY 105.5 FM Toronto, Canada)

."....guitarist Robert "Dubwise" Browne establishes himself as one of the top instrumentalists to come out of Jamaica. From the urban contemporary groove of  "You Got Me" to the to the achingly romantic  "It's So Beautiful," to the electrifying pace of "On My Mind," this recording can be played in any format: reggae, smooth jazz, traditional jazz and dancehall. ...... "Electrifying Grooves Of DiVersion" solidifies Robert "Dubwise Browne's place in this pantheon. -- Shelah Moody (former writer/journalist for San Francisco Chronicle).

This album is a great album to have in your collection for one reason, there is no other like it on the market today, there never was, and there probably never will be another. So check it out, hope you enjoy my "Electrifying Grooves Of DiVersion"  

Here's Robert Dubwise performing "You Got Me" & "Sun Is Shining" (Bob Marley Cover)

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