Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet Soulful Rocker - Tessanne Chin: "In Between Words"

Looks can be deceiving especially when you meet someone as beautiful and sweet as Tessanne Chin.  Don't get me wrong, she is a really nice person, but if after being introduced she said "I'm a singer", Reggae would probably be the last genre you think of, better yet, Rock wouldn't even come to mind. But that's exactly what she does - the best fusion of Rock & Reggae (IMO): "In Between Words"

I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Tessanne a number of times. In fact I played guitars on Track 11: "Family"....I may have played on Track 13: "You & Me" as well,  not sure... maybe, maybe not lol.
The majority of the production and guitar work however is credited to a good friend and awesome musician/producer Rudy Valentino Jr.

The album has fourteen songs, a mixture of Rock & Reggae, some songs fuse genres and her soulful belting vocals matches the fusion perfectly.  She does her own writing on this album and touches on a variety of subject matters - love, abuse, social commentary.....
My favs on this ablum are "Hideaway", "Flying High",  "Messenger", "Are Yah Gonna (Control)" and "You & Me" which features her older sister Tami Chynn.

"In Between Words" is not the kind of album you'd expect from a Jamaican artist, especially one that looks more Asian than Jamaican. But the question is, what does a Jamaican look like? Think about it, we are a very mixed nation.

This is a great album to check out if you love Rock, Guitars and Reggae.

Here are two of her videos - Hideaway and BlackBooks

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