Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"....Pygmy Singing On The Radio" - DEEP FOREST

More than 3,000,000 copies of the album sold. It became Platinum in the USA, France and New Zealand; Double Platinum in Australia and Greece; and Gold in the UK and Norway. The album was certified 2x Diamond by the SNEP Export Awards in 2002. (Info taken from

Deep Forest is the first and eponymous album by the musical group Deep Forest: French duo Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez.

"Somewhere deep in the jungle, there are some little men & women....." The very alluring narration which kicks off the album into the first track "Deep Forest".

The creators of this project were very creative, taking field recordings from UNESCO -  music from Zaire, the Solomon Islands, Burundi, Tibesti and the Sahel and mixing it with contemporary instrumentation to create this unique sounding album. The first of it's kind to my knowledge, but not the last.

Though released in 1993, it's still a good listen today. Eleven tracks of pure chill out and relax music. You'll be intrigued by the sounds and voices of Pygmies singing "Sweet Lullaby" among other songs. If you're the kind of person that makes it an issue if you can't understand what's being sung, this album isn't for you. If not, you will enjoy all the different languages and vocal tones captured in the recordings.

"Sweet Lullaby" would be my favorite but they are all really nice songs, well produced, thought out and put together.

If you are open-minded and are willing to hear something different for a change, this album is one you should definitely check out in my opinion.

As you may have noticed, I was unable to find a link to this album on iTunes & the link only offers a physical cd (no downloads). I am sure if you're interested and don't mind 'digging' that you will find Deep Forest available for download somewhere in the world wide web

Here's what appears to be a video for "Sweet Lullaby"

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