Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Once A Man Of The World Now "Man Of God" - Junior Tucker

I've had the pleasure in my career as a musician to meet and develop relationships with artists which I admire and thus along the way doing work with them.  I remember growing up and hearing about a child star who later on proved that he was more than just a "child star".

Junior Tucker has seen success as a Reggae artist from a very young age and continued on that trend in his adulthood giving us hits like "Don't Test" , "Love Of A Lifetime"  and the cover of Benny Mardones' hit "Sixteen (Into The Night)".

These days however he's been singing songs of worship and praise since becoming a Christian several years ago. Junior has released several albums focused on the gospel, and his most recent project which I am happy to say I was a part of came in 2011 - "Man Of God".

Reggae, Christian & Gospel is the description on iTunes. This sums it up perfectly.  "Man Of God" brings "The Word" to the world in the form of Reggae. He's not the first artist to do this, but in "gospel" music there are several other genres that spread the word so it's only fitting that Christians across the world who love Reggae can have the opportunity to listen to "The Word" in a style of music that they love and appreciate.

Fourteen songs that touches your spiritual side (if you are so inclined). I am not a Christian but I do appreciate great music and this album has some great songs.  My favs are "Still In Love With You", "I Repent" & "Rescue".

Whether you are into gospel music or not, Christian or not, I believe music is a universal language which breaks through all barriers  - social, political, religious etc.  So "Man Of God" is a great album for you to check out in my opinion.

Here are two video performances, songs from his prior album.

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