Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Billboard top R&B/Hip Hop Albums - #1 4/5/02 - 06/06/02: "Full Moon" Brandy

With the release of her most recent album "Two Eleven" in October 2012 I'm sure Brandy was hoping (as all artists do) to top what could be considered her best album to date. But the reality is that only a handful of artists ever manage to consistently release great albums with each better than the next. There might be a number of reasons for any particular album to be a hit, same goes for those that miss. However, be it the production skills of producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, writing styles of L. Daniels (a writer on the album) and/or Brandy herself, in 2002 all the stars were aligned in her favor and there came the hit album "Full Moon".
I must add - though prior albums sold more copies and won more awards (Grammy & Billboard), "Full Moon" had more chart success. 

I fell in love with this album when I first saw the video for the title track "Full Moon".  Just listening to the album as I'm writing this brings me back to that emotional state, the peace, calm, love I felt listening to her sweet vocals on the ballads - "He Is", "Come A Little Closer" and "Love Wouldn't Count Me Out". Sixteen well written and produced songs in what I'd call classic Brandy fashion - there is no mistaking a Brandy song. 
I could easily name ten favorites on this album, let's start with the cover of PM Dawn's "Die Without You", then of course "Full Moon", "I Thought", "When You Touch Me",  "Apart", "Nothing" get the idea. 

If you love and follow American R&B, this album should be in your collection.  If not, "Full Moon" is an album you should definitely check out in my opinion.

Here's the title track "Full Moon"

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