Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Exodus, Good God Almighty! Movement Of Jah People" - Marley's "Babylon By Bus"

"Arguably one of the most influential live reggae albums ever, "Babylon By Bus" captures Bob Marley & The Wailers during the European leg of their Kaya tour in the spring of 1978." - Excerpt of an iTunes review.

Though I was only two years old in '78, when I started practicing and taking music seriously this album was indeed a big influence on me some thirteen years after it's release, and I'm sure it still influences and inspires many across the world today - "Babylon By Bus"

I remember when I first saw the CD by my father's house, curiosity struck at the sight of that unusual cover. Then I realized after taking a good look what the design actually depicted. I didn't listen to the album right away, must have been a few weeks or so when I finally asked to borrow it and got totally immersed in the whole album. For months I was a member of The Wailers, I could play the whole set at the drop of a dime. Truly an inspiration.

Thirteen songs performed in the set, though they might not be perfect representations of the recorded versions, the set is so kick ass that you forget about the recording and enjoy the performance just as the audience did in 1978 (which you can hear in the audio).  Bob, the I Threes & The Wailers throwing down 'high grade' Reggae music in it's purest form. Songs like "Stir It Up", "Is This Love?", "Exodus", "Concrete Jungle" & "Jammin" makes this album a real pleasure to listen. My favorites however include "Kinky Reggae", "Rat Race" & "Heathen".

Few artists manage to make a big impression on the world during their lives and even fewer continue to influence and inspire long after they have passed away. Bob Marley is one in a million. And "Babylon By Bus" is one of his best work which keeps reminding us of his Legend. In my opinion "Babylon By Bus" is a great album for you to check out today.

Bob Marley & The Wailers performing in Germany 1980

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