Wednesday, March 6, 2013

'The Strong One' Brings A "Better Tomorrow" - Etana

Often referred to by the title of her debut album "The Strong One", Etana has been around since maybe 2007/2008. And though she already has two albums under her belt, I've only recently heard the album that I think is her best work to date - "Better Tomorrow".

Released February 25th 2013 by VP records (argumentatively the premier record label that releases/distributes Reggae worldwide by Jamaicans), "Better Tomorrow" isn't the typical reggae album with a slew of singles compiled from various record producers - which was the norm in the past. Fifteen tracks including a two minute interlude, really pleasing to the ear with her soulful vocals accompanied by great compositions. Though Reggae is the primary genre on the album,  there are songs with strong African & World Music influences which shows her versatility and ability beyond being just another Reggae singer, the title track is an example of this.

My faves include "Better Tomorrow", "Queen", "Silly" (Deniece Williams cover), "Smile" and "Strongest".

"Better Tomorrow" is a great album in my opinion for you to check out if you're looking for something fresh, appealing, uplifting and entertaining. 

Here's Etana's Video for the song "Wrong Address" which made her popular in 2007

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